Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Can Get 27 Free Freezes From Speedway

Why does Speedway get my business over Crystal Flash when both are located at the same corner by my house and by work?  When price and customer service are the same (terrible) then it comes down to speedy rewards points.  Speedway offers speedy reward points on just about everything you purchase and Crystal Flash doesn't offer any "flashy reward points."  Mainly I use Speedway just for gas but occasionally I'll run inside to get a hot dog or drink.

Now don't think you'll get rich by collecting speedy reward points.  The accumulation process is very slow and unless you'll be happy getting a free hot dog and freeze once a month you're going to have to wait it out for your true payday.  As I said earlier I mainly use Speedway for gas.  At a mere 10 points per gallon it takes forever to earn enough to get anything (900 points minimum for anything).  Luckily for me my job requires me to gas up company vehicles several times a week.

I keep 2 different speedy reward points accounts active at the same time.  I always have one in my wallet by my debit card so I never forget to swipe before I pump.  The other I keep with the fuel card at work so I never miss a swipe there either.  I transfer balances as necessary and keeping track of my totals helps the day go by a little faster.  I have to pay attention to the little things because sometimes they make the most difference and get you to baller status on your bank account quicker.

Between fueling my personal vehicle and the company vehicles I can accumulate anywhere from 200-500 points a week.  Average that out over time and about a year after I started collecting I have finally cracked the 25,000 speedy reward points mark!  That means I can get about 27 free drinks or freezes, should I choose to do so.  But I have set my eyes on the $25 gift cards I can redeem my points for.  The UFC fan inside me says get the Buffalo Wild Wings gift card while the home owner in me says get the Lowe's gift card.

Either way Speedway bought my loyalty by giving me a free gift card once a year.  Suck on that Crystal Flash!


  1. So is 25,000 points enough for the gift card yet?? Is that the only non-speedway related item you could redeem for? I wish Speedway's were more convenient for me b/c I would use that more but Circle K or BP is where I always end up.

  2. Yes, it's enough to get a $25 gift card. I could get some fuel discounts but I prefer cash. I think I'll actually earn about 5,000 more point so I can get two $15 gift cards.