About Debtzilla

     Start with what you know or what you're passionate about, right?  Right.  Now, the trick is to mash those things together to create something that is both viable AND enjoyable.  If it can be sustained and you like doing it, well, by golly you've got yourself an old fashioned business right there. Amiright?  I'm right.  Thus, here we are.

     I consider myself a financial gangster and a lyrical wordsmith.  I take rap lyrics, gangster movies, celebrity quotes and break them down to reveal the real money lesson behind it.  There's always a lesson to learn, multiple lessons even.  I try to teach you how to be a financial gangster without making the mistakes that many wannabe financial gangsters make.

     I am NOT here to explain the difference between a 401k and a Roth IRA.  I'm here to entertain you as well as to look at money from a different angle.  A better, more gangster-ish angle.  You can read a thousand finance blogs and magazines but that won't make you good with money.  The key to being good with money is not sucking with money by keeping your financial goals in the forefront of your mind.  

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